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'Play the Game YOUR Way': 1L, Unsure If She's 'Cut Out' for Law School, Starts Twitter Dialogue on Law Student Mental Health

When first-year law student Amelia Eaton took to #lawtwitter seeking advice, lawyers and students from around the globe commented, expressing their own struggles with mental health conditions and encouraging Eaton to take care of herself throughout her studies.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Skilled in the Art with Scott Graham: Class Is in Session Before Professor Albright + Judge Chhabria Critiques a Federal Circuit Marking Precedent + Will the Fifth Circuit Weigh in on Fintiv?

University of Texas IP law students are getting an opportunity to argue motions before the nation’s busiest patent law judge. Judge Chhabria is respecting a Federal Circuit marking precedent, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. And the Fifth Circuit is exercising appellate jurisdiction over a challenge to the PTO’s administration of the America Invents […]

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'That Is Unforgivable': Law Professor Says 11th Circuit Chief Judge, Law Clerk Need to Address Racist Rant

“A lawyer with a Black client or a Black lawyer who appears before a judge who hired a woman who says, ‘I hate Black people,’ has every reason to worry about that judge’s objectivity,” Georgia State University Law Professor Eric Segall said.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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